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We are now accepting applications for the 2019 Christmas Cheer/Toys 4 Tots Program! To register your child(ren) please click the picture below!

*We are currently experiencing issues with our online application system and email at this time. Due to these issues we are only able to receive applications via U.S. Mail and be contacted via phone. We apologize for any inconvenience and are currently working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.  *

 Are You Interesting in Supporting the Need?

We are constantly in need of items to support our school supply program. If you are interested in donating or for more information please CLICK HERE!

Sponsors Needed!

We are currently in
need of sponsors
which can provide
some financial support
to help us meet our
organizations mission.
Donated Space Needed!

We are currently in need of
the use of a donated space
or building in order to
expand our current
outreach programs. If you
can help please contact us
at (919) 559-9629.